Santa Sofia and Bassini Residences will be used for the ESN meeting in Milan for young scientists <= 35 years old.

These residence have single or double rooms that will be assigned to students closer to the meeting (an e-mail will inform which Residences has been assigned). Please also indicate your availability to share a room. Each room has a private bathroom, air-conditioning and Wi-Fi access. Towels and sheets will be provided by the Residences.

Further info can be found at

The price for the room is 140,00€/person for the whole week (from 1 to 8 September) even if you decide to share the room.
You can also stay for a shorter period within this week, but the full week price has to be paid. 

To book this kind of room you have to register to the congress as student and select the correct fee.


Nico Mitro, Chair
Angelo Poletti, Co-chair
Massimo Aureli, Co-chair


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